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MOVIE TIME Spider Baby

Jun 01, 2017
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Spider Baby is a 1964 American dark comedy horror film, written and directed by Jack Hill (Blood Bath) that was released in 1968. It stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as Bruno, the chauffeur and caretaker of three orphaned siblings who suffer from “Merrye Syndrome”, an inherited disease which causes them to mentally, socially, and physically regress backwards down the evolutionary ladder starting in early puberty. When two cousins and their lawyer arrive to try to take charge of the family and their estate, the true nature of the Merrye’s madness becomes clear…

  • Janisa

    Ja, war wirklich sehr spannend. Den Pythagoras habe ich auch toll gefunden. So simpel und doch so einltucheend. Toll, darauf muss man erst mal kommen.