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Depressed man jumps to his death

Nov 05, 2014
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A drunk American 52 years of age ran out of money and decided to take his own life.


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  • Dayum!

  • blu paws

    Painful. Ending

    • For a second…..

      • blu paws

        Still, I Couldn’t. Do it in a million years, can I askwhy you like to watch.

      • Morbid curiosity.. started some years ago when I found my Dad dead.. Then I just looked around the internet. That was 10 years ago now.

        You? why do you search out such images and videos?
        How did you find Death and Reality?

      • blu paws

        Thanks reply, sorry. About your dad, me I am still not sure I am female that has a morbid fascination, don’t know if I am the only one, I sometimes spend hour searching suicides and suicide notes, I find train suicudes particularly intersting and very very dark, mabye its to see what a person. Behaved like before death to see if I could stop something. Similar. I really don’t understand it myself

      • I’ve never looked into a suicide notes before.. would make an interesting post here.

        Maybe you don’t understand why someone would take their own life because you aren’t in the same frame of mind.. lucky for you! People don’t choose the way they commit suicide. they use what’s available to them at the time..
        Doctors would use tablets.
        Policeman, a gun.
        Jumper, would live somewhere high.. etc.

      • blu paws

        No quite the contary, ive attempted suicide before, I have darkness a lot of the time along with social ahnxiety, so I totally get the depressive state of mind, sadly, mabye its bdecause my mind has known the black dog of depression, that I am drawn to such sites, check out bill zeller suicide note, sad,despondent, but a insight to why he killed himself

      • Blimey! you tried topping yourself? Sorry to hear that.
        I’ll look into that note. 4000 words I see.

      • blu paws

        Thank you, im doing a lot better now, also google r budd dwyer suicide and christine chubbuck x

      • Seen the Budd Dwyer vid. Classic.

      • I’ll look up christine chubbuck. Thanks.

      • blu paws

        Theres also stalker of bjork suicide

  • BigWill6363

    I think there are suicides that are legit and I dont blame them. Most that ive seen on these sites though are just minor shit to me. I would be like wow, thats it? Wish that was my only problem lol

  • glass

    According to another site, this man ran out of money and didn’t want to leave Thailand. based on other sites, lots of 50ish US men die in Thailand while traveling alone. Deaths of couples are usually traffic related in this country but the single guys usually end up going off a building. Interesting.