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Thief Tries to Steal Motorcycle

Apr 02, 2017

A thief who attempted to steal a motorcycle was beaten by electric wire, at Rua Bento Gonçalves, in the neighborhood of São José, third stage, East Zone of Manaus, around 3:00 pm on Wednesday.

The thief’s target was a young woman who had just parked her motorcycle in front of a shop, and as soon as she went down to go shopping she was approached by the man, dark and thin, looking like a maximum of 18 years.

The woman screamed for help and the thief ran off but was caught by a group of people who started to beat him with punches and kicks, but when he was already on the ground appeared another aggressor with electric wire in his hand to punish even more the delinquent.

Military police from the 9th Cicom arrived at the scene and already found the thief with several abrasions by the body and mainly in the back, where he was struck with the blows of electric wire.

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