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Woman of 50 years of age jumps to her death

Nov 10, 2014
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Depression makes people do some drastic things. 

While people tend to think about suicide for a long time before attempting it, the act itself is usually impulsive, in that victim’s choose a method based on what’s readily available.

Suicidal police officers that have access to them choose guns, as do farmers. These produce terrible crime scenes. When placed under the chin, high powered weapons will sometimes lift the brain in its entirety out of the skull and send it flying across the room. One officer found an intact brain in a sink. His first thought was that the suicide victim had been the target of a satanic cult. In another case a man’s brain  lifted out of his skull and landed on the coffee table in front of him.

Doctors prefer to use drugs, usually a much tidier death, while fisherman use the ocean and commuters step out in front of  trains. People who live by or hang out on rooftops or bridges jump off them, producing traumatic results that passers-by will never forget.

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  • Dex

    That video was hard to watch. The thing I notice with Thailand (where
    this happened) and other similar countries is how people photograph and
    video scenes with death, and the authorities don’t stop them even after
    they arrive. When I young woman jumped in front of a light-rail in the
    road outside my home a year ago, the whole area was cordoned off and
    anyone with a camera was very rudely told to get out of the area by the

    • SicMonster666

      Well Thailand is a very special place, they aren’t hung up on religious morals about showing death in it’s true form. It’s the Thai people’s custom to show death and all that goes with it or even pose & point at the deceased. Nothing wrong with it in my eyes. They’re not like the rest of the sheep of the Western world with their morals and values. Everybody else chooses to hide death when they shouldn’t. Death is all around us and it should be shown in all it’s epic glory! Hat’s off to Thailand.

    • SicMonster666

      Oh, almost forgot, hey Dex, you were run over by a train? How come your not dead? Is this the Ghost of Dex? And if not, do you have any Hospital pics to share. Would love to see that bloody mess.

    • Dex

      Typing mistake. I meant “When a young woman…” Sorry about that. 🙂

      I was not thinking of religious morals when I made my original comment because I am an atheist. I was thinking more along the lines of respect for the dead but I understand the point you are making, and that different cultures have different views on death. When I watch some of these videos and look at some of these photos I feel real sadness for the victims and also get reminded of my own mortality. I get mixed emotions of curiosity and revulsion at the same time.

  • BigWill6363

    My problem my whole life is ive always been too nice, always put others first. I would not want anyone to risk injury to recover my body and sure wouldnt want to leave a mess for someone to clean. Only way I could do it, is if there was a pill I could take, fall asleep and then just never wake up. Zero pain though. Ive had enough to last me 20 life times.